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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where do i send my irs form 843

Instructions and Help about where do i send my irs form 843

Hello guys and welcome to my channel so I'm doing some step-by-step video to help you find a different type of form so this video is a follow-up of the of my previous tutorial or learning how to fortify the table 18 at 52 so on to download file form in ethic 62 you will need read two options either you choose to mail it or two facets so but I think it's faster Monisha two facets so on the layer you got this fax tone that the fax number that you will lose you know to fax you know once you fill out the form alline 89-62 okay so you have to choose either issues to faster to mail so if you fax it and after that you mail you in send a copy by mail but that would be a problem that one that could delay that the processing of your return that's what I told you so one more thing to remember they on this form 1095-a you need to write down your taxpayer identification on the most of the time that cannot be your social security number at the top right on your social security number as well as you need to write down your social security number on most page because the audacity to is to pitch both of them you need to write out your social security number okay even though most of the second page is back for the family 962 but you still need to send and both page so write down your social security number so most of the time is going to trip each one statement and then if at a and to pinch area 62 but some people that is some people my have to statement 1095 a so any scale is going to be like for page okay but most people have one page so one thing to remember you need to include a cover sheet a cover sheet and on this cover sheet we'll put the following information initially the transformation that you will need to put on the cover sheet so so on the cover sheet you will need to put the following information you can just cut this part you got his letter cut this power and use it like a cover sheet okay you can just cut this hole and use it laughs accomplish it all take a black sheet you will need to prinformation they did attention so it's I call reject team Oh LSP see you got this on the letter and the control number that each control number is different so you will need to write down the control number your name your full name you your tax payer ID so it's going to be your social security number here and then tax figured so will the tax field right now is 2021 okay number of page most of the time is gonna be like three page I say.